5 Simple Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed

How to Make Your Resume More Effective

For all the success that some job hunters have found in using Twitter and LinkedIn to research and land jobs, the traditional resume remains a crucial criterion when looking for work in most occupations. “All the social networking tools are more important now so the resume has lost its place as the centerpiece of the job search, but it’s still a very important piece,” says Charles Purdy, a career expert with Monster.com. “At some point in the hiring process, there is going to be someone who wants to be handed your resume.” This may come as a bitter truth to many searching for work. It’s nice to believe that the job of your dreams is only a tweet away, but as Purdy points out, part of the reason stories of candidates finding work through Twitter receive so much attention is because they are comparatively rare. Instead, most applicants will be asked to send in their resumes and then hope that it somehow stands out from the hundreds of other resumes the hiring manager has likely received. The best strategy, then, is to leave as little as possible to chance, especially given the difficult labor market. MainStreet asked several career experts for tips on how to craft a resume that packs a punch and winds up in front of the right pair of eyes. Photo Credit: kafka4prez