30 Student Discounts You'll Love

Students: Use Your ID to Save Big Money

College students across the country are burdened with record debt levels costs rising greater than the inflation rate. Despite the financial and unemployment problems college students face, they have a hidden coupon in their wallets: the student identification card. Showing your student ID card to various retailers and attractions will result in a wide range of savings, from 10%-80% off – no questions asked. But some retailers don’t like to spread the word about their student discounts, which means if you’re not sure, ask the store’s salesperson if one is offered. And don’t think these discounts only apply to the brick and mortar stores:  “If you are shopping online, chat with a live customer service rep to find out if any student discounts are available,” Andrea Woroch, a consumer savings expert with Kinoli Inc. tells MainStreet. We compiled some of the best discounts at 30 well-known retailers and attractions, where getting a student discount is as easy as presenting your ID card. Photo Credit: jimmyharris