16 Infamous Tax Cheats

What Money?

We’re sure many of you are knee-deep in tax forms right now, and probably feeling a bit frustrated by the whole process. So, if you feel like taking a few minutes away from staring at your W-2, take a look at our list of some of the most notorious tax cheats of all time. Some of the individuals and businesses on this list you already know, while others you’ve probably never heard of. But most tax cheats share at least one thing in common: They are rich. As past studies have shown, wealthier people are more likely to misreport their income and underpay their taxes. As a side note, if you know someone who isn’t on this list but is a big tax cheat, you might want to (strongly) consider ratting them out. The Internal Revenue Service offers a pretty substantial reward for doing so – up to 15% of the amount owed in back taxes. The award caps at a generous $10 million. Just be careful that you don’t then underpay your own taxes after you get all that money, or someone will come after you. It’s karma, man. Photo Credit: Getty Images