15 Good, Cheap Beers

The Best Beer Bang for Your Buck

It has never looked better for beer drinkers. According to the Brewers Association, the number of craft brewers has increased steadily in the past 30 years, jumping from eight in 1980 to 537 in 1994 to 1,501 in 2008. Overall, the great variety of beer available today — from old-school Rust Belt breweries and small-batch niche producers — means more value for the beer-crazed among us. Here are MainStreet's top choices for great, cheap brews. There is something on this list for everyone — from canned craft beers to super-smooth American classics to good old PBR. What you won't find is anything priced over $7. When we say cheap, we mean it. Note on pricing and availability: Prices will vary from store to store. Most of these beers have national distribution, but a few of the beers, including Butternuts, have local distribution only. Photo Credit: mccun934