12 Things You Should Stop Paying for in 2012

New Year, New Budget

Looking to tighten your belt in 2012? You can start by using coupons, searching for discounts or simply buying lower-cost versions of the items you typically purchase. But if you’re looking for truly big savings, consider entirely cutting out the products and services you really don’t need. “There are lots of things that you can eliminate from your life altogether, and you can do it without sacrificing convenience and quality of living,” Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers Personal Finance, tells MainStreet. Indeed, from those daily coffee shop runs to your landline phones, there are many items you can certainly live without this year if you’re hoping to build up your savings. Here are 12 things to consider cutting from your budget in 2012 so your new year isn’t filled with new debt. Photo Credit: Getty Images