12 Neighborhoods Where Locals Want to Live

Off the Beaten Path

When you move to a new city, you’re often flying blind when it comes to choosing a new neighborhood. Chances are good that you only know a few of the more famous neighborhoods in town (for instance, Beverly Hills in Los Angeles), so unless you’re able to talk to locals and explore the city before buying a home, you might overlook some of the more obscure parts of town. With this in mind, real estate site Trulia.com produced a listing of the “best-kept secret neighborhoods” in 12 of the country’s major metropolitan areas. To assemble the list, Trulia looked at relatively affluent ZIP codes in each city based on the median list price of homes, then identified which ones had the lowest proportion of searches by out-of-towners on its website. In that way, they were able to see which neighborhoods attract a high level of interest from knowledgeable locals – but are often overlooked by house hunters unfamiliar with the city. Here they are. Photo Credit: H.L.I.T.