10 Top Toys for the Holidays

What Toys to Get Your Kids for the Holidays

If you’re worried about finding affordable gifts for your kids this holiday season, you’re not alone. Disney FamilyFun Magazine asked parents and children around the country to test more than 300 toys on the market this year and found the most popular products were relatively inexpensive ones, many of which came from lesser-known companies. None of the games on the magazine’s top 10 list cost more than $100, and most cost less than half of that, offering hope that this season’s holiday gift list might not break the bank. Here are the 10 toys that Disney FamilyFun declared to be the best of the year. Their full list of the top 30 toys will appear in the Oct. 18 issue of the magazine. Photo Credit: Brian Teutsch

10. Head Shotz Twin Battle Pack

The Head Shotz battle toys from Silverlit would make a good gift for the holidays, but they might work even better as an item to throw into a Halloween gift bag next month for your kids. These remote-controlled mutant figurines are scary (in a playful way), reasonably priced and perhaps best of all, the entire point is to stage fights between the various models, so your child can get out any destructive energy they may have built up while trick-or-treating without tearing apart their other toys. Price: $40 Photo Credit: Silverlit.com

9. Pirate Ship

Let’s face it, kids have always had a love of pirates, even before Johnny Depp decided to star in a never-ending series of movies about them. This toy from Box Creations gives children the opportunity to customize their own pirate ship that is big enough to hold two or three young aspiring pirates on the top and inside. Just don’t let them set sail in it -- something tells us it wouldn’t make it too far in the ocean. Price: $40 Photo Credit: Toysrus.com

8. Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Busy Airport

This game from The Wonder Forge is based on one of Richard Scarry’s picture books and is intended to help preschoolers identify a wide range of items and think strategically by letting them pretend to be the pilot at a busy airport. Perhaps next year they’ll make a sequel: Busytown, Busy Security Check-In Line. It’s never too soon to start prepping. Price: $20 Photo Credit: Amazon.com

7. LeapPad Explorer

The LeapPad Explorer from LeapFrog also ranked as one of the hottest toys on a separate list from Toys R Us -- and for good reason. This children’s tablet lets kids get accustomed to reading e-books, taking pictures and playing games on a cheaper, more durable version of the tablets that mom and dad have. Price: $100 Photo Credit: Leapfrog.com

6. Bogo Pogo

For years, teens have coveted the various scooters that Razor offers, but now kids may have their eye on another Razor product, the Bogo Pogo stick. Parents will be happy to know that this is substantially cheaper than most scooters, but hopefully no less entertaining for kids. Price: $90 Photo Credit: Razorama.com

5. Whipple Deluxe Pastry Set

Forget the Easy Bake Oven. Whipple’s Deluxe Pastry Set may just turn your child into the next Jacques Torres. With this set, kids can decorate 12 different desserts including a two-tiered cake that doubles as a box for knickknacks. Price: $35 Photo Credit: Amazon.com

4. Lego Alien Conquest Mothership

If your child is into Legos, then this is a must-buy item. This Lego set comes with more than 400 pieces that have all the makings for an alien invasion, including an abducting claw, figurines to grab with said claw, and even a reporter to “watch in horror” as it all goes down. Price: $60 Photo Credit: Toysrus.com

3. Perplexus Rookie and Perplexus Epic

Both versions of the Perlexus maze look like the blueprint for an impossibly complicated Rube Goldberg machine. Players must steer a metal ball through this labyrinthine orb to beat the game. After playing this, all other puzzles will probably look tame in comparison. Price: $20 and $30, respectively Photo Credit: Perplexus.net

2. Meon Deluxe Animation Studio

The Meon products from Skyrocket are often compared to the classic Lite Brite, but with one notable difference: Meon lets kids create what the company calls a neon-style animation over other pictures. Price: $35 Photo Credit: Kmart.com

1. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

Few kids toys are as beloved as Hot Wheels, and this particular set takes the classic Hot Wheels experience to the next level – literally – by letting kids race cars down a track that mounts to the wall for a more dynamic drive. It’s enough to make you want to be a kid again. Price: $30 Photo Credit: Amazon.com

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