10 Scams Targeting Seniors

A Perfect Mark

With the rapid pace of technological innovation and a changing business environment, it is the older generations who have a harder time keeping up with the times. But grandma’s quaint ignorance of what Facebook actually is could mean more than just a chuckle or two during Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, with more and more ways to get a person’s personal information in today’s digitally-connected world, it is easier and easier for scammers to take advantage of vulnerable seniors who may be used to a more old-fashioned way of doing business. Older Americans are a target for many reasons: they often have a nest egg of money in the bank, they are often homeowners with good credit, they may be under more regular medical supervision and pay significant amounts for prescription medication; all of these characteristics are irresistible to fraudsters, who will never pass up an easy mark. Photo Credit: Ruth Ellison