10 Retailers With the Best Customer Service

Where the Customer Is Always Right

Every year, just in time for Black Friday, the National Retail Federation a preliminary list of the top 10 retailers for customer service. This year’s list, which precedes an official ranking released every January, is based on responses from 9,374 consumers. Participants were asked in early September which retailers they felt delivered outstanding customer service each and every day. The question was open-ended, so respondents could name any retailer that came to mind. While we won’t know how the retailers specifically ranked until 2012, we do know that the list of finalists is identical to the 2010 top performers, which either indicates how awesome the 10 featured retailers truly are or that customer service hasn’t changed all that much from 2010 to 2011. Read on to find out which retailers (listed in alphabetical order) are still the best in the business when it comes to customer service before hitting up the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales! Photo Credit: Getty Images