10 Popular Websites That Tanked

The Next Big Flop

The great thing about the Internet is that the cost of getting a new startup off the ground is usually much less than it would be in the physical world. All you need is an idea, a $10 domain name and some programmers to help you design the site. But the downside is that today there is even more competition to get noticed, and often there can be an excessive amount of hype when you finally do. Back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, several Internet companies, like Geocities, were severely overvalued by investors and ultimately flopped, causing many to lose their jobs. Now some publications, including our sister site, TheStreet.com, have begun to speculate that we may be experiencing a second dot-com bubble, as investors are now valuing new websites like Groupon to be worth as much as $6 billion and Facebook to be worth $50 billion or more. But if the past tells us anything, it’s that sites like these may be hugely popular one day and fade away the next. We’ve rounded up 10 websites that went from being the next big thing to either shutting down or having bleak futures ahead, and look at the reasons behind their demise. Photo Credit: garryknight