The 10 Most Charitable Companies in America

Turning Earnings into Giving

Of the many chants and slogans that have defined the frustrations of the past months’ Occupy Wall Street protests, one recurring theme has focused on the idea that greedy corporations do whatever they can to avoid sharing the wealth. But a look at the numbers tells more of a nuanced story. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a magazine that monitors the charitable giving industry, tracks donations from the largest corporations in the United States from the annual Fortune 500 list. The magazine’s 2011 Survey of Corporate Giving includes data on 2010 donations for 180 of those top companies. To get down to the best of the best, MainStreet looks first at the five most generous corporations – those that gave more than 5% of their 2009 profits to charity in 2010. We then round up the five biggest donors – those corporations that gave the absolute most money to philanthropic causes last year. Read on to see if your favorite brand made the cut. Photo Credit: Getty Images