10 Items That Cost Less in the Winter

The Best Stuff to Buy in the Cold Months

For certain products, the hottest prices can be found during the coldest time of year – and not necessarily because of holiday sales. The timing of big sales may seem random to some consumers, but in reality stores operate on a fairly constant and predictable schedule from one year to the next. Typically, retailers offer the biggest discounts on products when they go out of season in order to get them off the shelves. The same is true when a new line of products is introduced. This occurs periodically throughout the year, but the chillier months tend to see prices cut on a wide range of products and services. MainStreet spoke with several shopping experts to find the products that tend to be cheapest from now through the end of the winter, meaning early March. We’ll take you chronologically through the best sales you can expect for the rest of this year and early into the next. Photo Credit: carbonnyc