10 Great Gift Ideas for Boomers

Buying for Boomers

What do you get someone who seemingly already has a lifetime’s worth of stuff? Finding gifts for older generations is hard, especially since most baby boomers are not in the habit of accumulating more “stuff.” Sure, you could give them the gift of good financial advice (MainStreet’s got you covered there with "10 Things Boomers Should Never Do With Their Money" or "5 Second Careers Baby Boomers Should Consider"), or some generic gift that could be personalized for anyone of any age (see MainStreet’s "8 Thoughtful Gifts That Require No Thought" for some ideas), but there are some great gift ideas where a person’s age can guarantee that he or she will get some use or enjoyment out of them. MainStreet has come up with 10 unique gift ideas that could be a big hit with the older set, so any last-minute shoppers have a few options. Photo Credit: Getty Images