9 Driving Myths: Fact or Fiction?

A Lot of Hot Air

When learning to drive, teens get to hear some old adages and “rules” from Mom and Dad that resonate with them for years. With 39 million Americans planning to hit the road for Fourth of July weekend, MainStreet decided to play driving detective to find out whether certain pieces of car advice passed down from parent to child still hold true. As it turns out, some pieces of conventional knowledge still hold true, but today’s drivers could stand to check their owners’ manuals a little more often. We gave each myth a verdict of “myth” or “rule,” stating that there are some exceptions to certain items. Put your cursor on cruise control as MainStreet takes on our favorite driving myths and facts, including whether it really pays to pump your gas at the crack of dawn and how much traction you’ll actually get by overfilling your tires. Get ready to start your engines … Photo Credit: Getty Images