10 Dogs With the Priciest Vet Bills

Sick As a Dog

Buying a dog is a bit like buying a smartphone: The initial cost usually isn’t too bad, but it’s the service charges that really get you. In the case of a dog, those service charges come in the form of veterinarian bills. But not all breeds are going to have the same set of health problems. Certain larger breeds, for instance, are frequently afflicted with orthopedic ailments like hip dysplasia. Dogs with pushed-in noses, in addition to having more trouble dealing with summer heat, are more prone to respiratory infections. Meanwhile, some breeds of dogs tend to be more prone to developing cancers. To find out which breeds will cost their owners the most in veterinarian bills, we spoke to a company that knows a lot about the cost of pet health: Petplan, a pet insurance company based in Philadelphia. While the company couldn’t provide the exact average healthcare costs for competitive reasons, it did provide a list of the top 10 most expensive breeds, as measured by their annual unexpected healthcare costs. Photo Credit: Jon Hurd