10 Companies With the Best Work/Life Balance

Jobs That Won't Kill Your Personal Life

If Americans ever did have a true work/life balance, it seemed to take a big hit during the recession and the slow recovery since. Multiple surveys in recent years have found that more employees are forced to stay late at the office or take assignments home with them to keep up with their increased workload, a fact that some have attributed to the tough economy that forced many companies to consolidate their payrolls and pile on tasks for their remaining employees. But a new report from Glassdoor, a job-search site, shows that delicate work/life balance may indeed be alive and well again in this country, if not exactly thriving, as more than half of the employees surveyed (54%) reported having a good balance between personal and professional time in their current occupations. The site asked workers at the more than 115,000 businesses on the site to rate their employers by a number of factors including work/life balance. The ratings, which go from 0 to 5 (5 being the best), not only highlight companies with particularly favorable working conditions, but also offer insight on the qualities of a company that are the most conducive to a healthy work/life balance. Photo Credit: lululemon athletica