10 College Majors for a New Economy

Curriculum of the Future

Business, English and communications may still be among the most popular degrees students pursue in college, but as changing technology and social trends create new opportunities in a job-strapped economy, some institutions are beginning to offer programs in everything from social media to homeland security to prepare students for life in the 21st Century. Colleges introduce new programs for a variety of reasons. Some do so in response to demand from local companies, like the Institute of Analytics at the State University of North Carolina, which began in part after faculty noticed the growing demand for people who could handle the increasing amounts of data local research companies manage. Others, like the global studies program at Hofstra University in New York, are driven by student interest and help the school attract and retain candidates. “Students are looking for really relevant, current disciplines,” said Grant Saff, professor and chair of the global studies and geography department at Hofstra. Since the program began, it has continued to grow as overall enrollment declined. MainStreet took a look at 10 of the new majors that help prepare students for jobs across a wide array of fields from technology to management. But all of them have one thing in common: They are designed to train students in emerging areas of study that shape today’s economy. Photo Credit: Rainer Ebert