10 Gigantic Movie Flops

Hollywood’s financial failures

With the release of James Cameron’s Avatar just weeks away, with its weird “blue cat people,” the predictions about the movie’s imminent success, or failure, have already spread like wildfire across the Internet. Some predict it will be a “mega-hit,” others say it will be a gigantic disappointment. Given Cameron’s track record (TITANIC!) and fame, it is unlikely the movie will be a complete flop — but just how quickly will it recoup its initial investment? It has been reported that the film is the costliest ever produced by its studio, News Corporation’s Fox (Stock Quote: NWS). According to The New York Times, production and marketing costs could exceed $500 million, although the studio has limited its risk with the help of outside investors. Only time will tell, I suppose, whether Avatar hits a home run. Even if it performs terribly at the box office, Fox will likely see all of its money back — and then some — from TV broadcasts, DVD sales, merchandise and so forth. Plus, News Corporation overlord Rupert Murdoch mentioned the film in a conference call, saying he was “excited and moved” by Avatar. Here are 10 films for which there were great expectations. All were bitter disappointments at the box office, though many of them went on to achieve cult followings, and some eventually made money. Photo Credit: Getty Images