The 10 Best Travel Movies Ever Made

Always a popular theme

Travel is one subject that feature filmmakers just can’t leave alone, and it’s easy to see why. Real-life travel highlights heady possibilities for adventure, escape, fantasy, discovery, sex and romance – not to mention scenery. All that makes travel prime material for reel-life. As a travel journalist, I am addicted to globetrotting, and a decade reviewing movies and covering the film-festival circuit for a San Francisco newspaper confirmed forever my love of movies. I decided to put movies and travel together to come up with the 10 best travel movies ever made. These pictures are feature films – that is to say, fiction. They are not travel documentaries (by your leave, Michael Palin; hope you don’t mind, Rick Steves).  They are not films that use travel just for beautiful backdrops, like the James Bond flicks or the innumerable caper movies out there. These films – scary, steamy, funny, dreamy – have travel at or close to their core. In no particular order: Photo Credit: Getty