The 10 Best Smartphone Apps of 2011

Our Favorite Smartphone Apps of the Year

With several hundred thousand smartphone apps already on the market, you might think that all the good ideas have been taken – but this year proved just the opposite to be the case. Dozens of incredibly useful smartphone apps were released throughout 2011 that have the potential to revolutionize the way we do everyday tasks, but since we know most sane people aren’t going to download that many apps onto their phone, MainStreet decided to narrow down the list of new apps to the 10 absolute essentials for consumers. These apps can help you do everything from comparison shopping to eliminating hold times when calling customer service. Best of all, nine of these apps are completely free. So whether you just got your first smartphone for the holidays or have had one for years, these are the new apps that you’ll want to make sure to download. Photo Credit: Bart Claeys