10 Affordable Homes in Job Havens

Moving to Where the Jobs Are

If you’ve been struggling to find a job near where you live now, it may be time to move to a city where there actually are jobs. For some Americans, that’s easier said than done. Many workers who lost their jobs during the recession found themselves under water on their mortgage and saddled with debt, making it that much harder to escape to an area with a better job market. But more recently job hunters have found a way to make it work. One study from the career research firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas found that 9.4% of those who found employment in the first half of 2011 relocated for their new jobs, the highest percentage to do so in two years. In the process, some likely took a loss on the sale of their house, but recognized that it would improve their long-term income prospects. Of course, you don’t just want to move from one city with a lousy job market to another that’s not much better, so MainStreet used data from the job search engine Indeed.com on the cities with the most job openings per capita and asked Trulia.com, a real estate website, to pick out some of the best homes in those cities that are currently for sale. We chose to focus solely on the homes that were within $50,000 (above or below) the median asking price in each city, based on Trulia’s data. After all, just because you feel the need to move for a new job doesn’t mean you want to break the bank before you even have your first day at work. Photo Credit: TaxBrackets.org