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Two Ninth-Graders Hack ATM on their School Lunch Break

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Most ninth-grade boys on a school lunch break would be ogling girls and making lewd, under-their-breath wise cracks. But not Matthew Hewlett and Caleb Turon. They made use of their time between classes by hacking into an ATM – and then reporting it to the bank.

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It seems Hewlett and Turon stumbled upon an old ATM operator's manual online and decided to put their new-found knowledge to the test, according to the Winnipeg Sun. The 14-year-old Winnipeg boys promptly headed down to a Bank of Montreal ATM at a convenient neighborhood Safeway and started punching in admin codes. Expecting little if anything to happen, they were amazed when the system suddenly asked for a passcode to grant operator access. They punched in the first six-digit code that came to mind – and it worked. Access granted.

What to do next? Drain the cash? Loot the bank's assets? "Borrow" a few bucks from any number of thousands of accounts? No, the amateur hackers reported their actions to a local BMO branch – who didn't believe a word they were saying.

Rapidly in danger of being late for class, the young men returned to the ATM, hacked it again, and began printing out verification documents, changing the welcome screen message and altering surcharge fees. Armed with reports detailing the amount of cash in the machine, how many transactions had been processed for the day so far -- -- and details of the new one cent surcharge fee – the duo returned to the branch and presented the evidence.

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