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Traveling Soon? Take These Health Tips Along For the Ride

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — It’s freezing cold across wide swaths of the U.S., and people may well be itching to get on a plane and go somewhere warm and sunny.

Why not? After all, some studies show that January is the lousiest month of the year from an emotional health point of view (and that the third Monday of the year — January 21 in 2013 — is the most depressing day of the year). Consequently, any move you make to alleviate your case of the “Januaries” is a healthy move.

If you do hit the open road — or better yet, the open beach — Hilton Worldwide is out this week with some tips to keep you healthy, and to help you from stop breaking your health-related New Year’s resolutions during your winter wanderlust tour.

Let’s take a look:

Eat small meals — but plenty of them. Hilton Worldwide’s director of global fitness, Jodi Sullivan, says eating five or six small meals per day will keep your metabolism motor running and reduce or stop blood sugar spikes. Make sure to get plenty of greens and fruits and keep high-fat, high-calorie foods at arm’s length.

Map out an exercise routine. Treat your exercise regime like you would any business meeting. Sullivan advises planning a date and time for a workout, and to write it all down. Then treat your workout like any item on your travel itinerary “to do” list and cross it off when you’re done.

No sitting all day. Even if you’re lolling on the beach, make it a point to stand up and stretch to boost your circulation. This goes double for long plane flights, where circulation is curbed from sitting in cramped seats for hours at a time.

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