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As legalization expands, marijuana will flourish -- dispensaries won't.

Beer sales have seen better days, but the nation's thirst for it hasn't dried up. Laborers, visitors and modest taxes help these states keep the taps open.

Made famous by Sears, Roebuck during the early 20th century, fast-assembly mail-order homes are entering a new era of award-winning design and top-notch materials.

Gone are the days when pet owners had only two choices to protect their four-legged family from fleas, ticks and other parasites. But it's up to you to filter out the bad options and spend your money the right way.

Many Gen X-ers are lagging behind their counterparts when it comes to saving enough money for retirement.

The sharing economy still has some growing up to do.

For some people, nothing screams summer like a good old American hot dog. Here is MainStreet's list of the best from around the country.

The problem with trying to save money at bars is the more you drink, the less you care about how much you're spending. Lauren Lyons Cole explains how to keep costs down.

Coding glitches at the Department of Education (ED) may have put thousands of student aid applicants—and their federal funds—at risk.

Used car pricing boils down to supply, demand and density. If you're in an isolated city with frugal car buyers, expect to pay more for someone else's vehicle.

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