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Households with the most education spend less on food, apparel, tobacco and alcohol.

Voters are less likely to support a Congressional candidate backed by big banks.

Road trips may not necessarily help you save your money.

New York is among the top five most searched states for pot on Leafly.com despite the fact that legal medical marijuana is not yet operational in the Northeastern state.

Yes, it's a tough slog looking for work over a long period. But keep cool, explore all options and don't give up — and try these tips.

Your car is sucking the life out of your retirement savings and anchoring you to an unsustainable future. Ditch your car and worries for the good life.

For parents' whose kids are sleeping in their basement, many are extending their hands for contributions.

Spend your morning commute revving up or relaxing so you'll be ready to rock and roll once you get to the office.

Flush with $22 million in funding and an anticipated additional $50 million in series B financing, the private equity firm Privateer Holdings is further expanding its pot focused portfolio.

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