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Summer is a time of long days and easy spending. But with a little effort you can avoid these seven common money traps while still having fun in the sun.

Borrowing money to cover the cost of college falls to its lowest level in five years.

You might have medical debt on your credit report you are not even aware of.

Things college students need to know before opening their first banking accounts.

Choosing a business credit card is vital for small business owners.

Diving closer at home is cheaper and yields prehistoric finds.

Social friction produces a broader consideration of facts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Friday that July nonfarm payrolls rose by 209,000 and the unemployment rate increased to 6.2%.

A car that eats up more than half of a household's annual income isn't 'affordable.' One that gives you Bluetooth, USB ports and five years of fuel for $23,000 is.

Electricity companies have implemented many measures to ensure there are fewer disruptions to the power grid this summer and during hurricane season.

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