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Every year the big cellphone manufacturers - namely Apple and Samsung, but also LG, HTC and others - roll out new phone models wrapped in glitzy advertising campaigns aimed at spurring us to buy. Should we?

Consumers owed less on their credit cards in February, according to a report from the Federal Reserve, showing signs of a more risk averse consumer.

Business grads can expect a starting salary of just under $54,000.

Alternative energy goes old-school.

When more than half of Americans say it's easier to pay taxes than lose weight, you know we have some odd beliefs.

Orange juice prices reached a two-year high over fears of smaller harvests in Brazil and Florida, the two largest sources of oranges worldwide. Brace yourself for a more expensive breakfast.

You put what in a sock? And does it really raise awareness?

Penny-pinching car owners can expect to find the lowest gas prices on Wednesdays in South Dakota but Thursdays in Delaware and Maryland.

The SLM Corporation—Sallie Mae—reported first quarter 2014 financial results that featured 8% year-over-year growth in private education loans while core earnings came in at 4 cents below analysts' expectations.

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