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Owing money to Uncle Sam this year is problematic enough, but there are countless online scammers who claim they are with the IRS and are waiting to seize the opportunity to defraud consumers of their hard-earned cash.

After paying down debt and investing in retirement funds, it's okay to make a smart purchase for your own long-term benefit.

Investing your tax refund this year will help you get a head start on your savings for the year, investment experts said.

The US Tax Code contains several ways to help pay for the cost of college for you, your spouse, and your dependent children. The most generous is the American Opportunity Credit.

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 extended the lifetime $500 "Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit" for qualified energy efficiency improvements or residential energy property costs for your primary principal residence for two years.

The federal government will subsidize from 10% to 50% (or more) of your retirement savings if you meet these requirements.

For a small business owner, waiting until the last minute to file your taxes sets your business up for the possibility of gross error.

The IRS has nearly $760 million in unclaimed refunds due people who did not file returns for tax year 2010.

Adjust your withholding and you, not the government, gets to use your money. But what if you get a refund anyway?

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