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Hollywood writers are back to work and back to receiving paychecks. Prudent strikers who cut up their VISA and MasterCards (MA) can now get new cards. In light of the recent interest rates cuts, finding the perfect plastic requires doing your homework.

Though baseball season is another two months away, preseason begins this week with pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training centers. Johan Santana, two-time Cy Young winner and owner of one the heftiest salaries in Major League Baseball, will be reporting to New York Mets’  spring training center in Point St. Lucie, Florida on Thursday. The Mets snared Santana with a $137.5 million contract for six years. Though, you may not have received a pro-athlete’s salary bump, receiving a raise can be an excellent opportunity to maximize your retirement savings.

David Schuster made a mistake that could cost MSNBC a debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Schuster suggested on Friday that the Clinton Campaign had "pimped out" former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, by having her make calls to superdelegates and celebrities. In other Clinton news, Patti Solis Doyle relinquished her title as campaign manager to Maggie Williams.

Writers from the WGA are slated to go back to work. Expected to reach a compromise with all major studios including CBS Corporation (CBS), MGM (6758), NBC Universal (GE), News Corp/Fox (NWS),  Paramount Pictures (VIA), Sony Pictures Entertainment (6758), the Walt Disney Company (DIS), and Warner Brothers (TWX), the WGA should be ready to tackle the Academy Awards. Union leaders voted to end picketing and to return to work as early as Wednesday, pending a full union-vote on Tuesday.

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