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TheStreet’s Jim Cramer discusses how the housing bill will bail-out the banks.

A new survey from HSBC Direct shows people are pessimistic about the economy, but buy because 'it feels good.'

Jim Cramer says the housing bill will have a broad and significant impact on the U.S. economy.

The debate over the potential cost focuses on a $25 billion worst-case scenario that may not happen.

You know the headlines – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the country’s biggest mortgage backers, are desperate and the government finally agrees to step in. How does it impact you? MainStreet has answers!

You've read about a court's decision forcing Google to hand over YouTube user information to Viacom, but aren’t sure what’s going on? Let MainStreet explain how 100,000 videos launched a fight for online privacy.

The construction sector is once again hit hard, showing its 19th consecutive monthly decline.

After expected massive second quarter losses, Lehman Brothers is letting go both CFO Erin Callan and COO Joseph Gregory.

Eliot Spitzer’s professional future hangs in the lurch, after the New York Governor was connected to a prostitution ring identified in court papers as Emperor’s Club VIP.

This year Vanity Fair made its exclusive post-Oscar party even more difficult to attend when it canceled the gala. With Hollywood downsizing the infamous after-Oscar parties, might it be time for you to downsize your entertainment budget? Most people do not realize that by skipping lattes and cooking meals at home you could save a serious chunk of change.

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