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More than 60,000 U.S. homes have undergone successful loan modifications in the past year. But how will that affect homeowners' credit scores?

Debit card holders may not realize it, but a lot depends on whether or not you sign for a purchase. What’s the better deal for consumers?

Economic experts are already calling 2010 the Year of Accountability, as the CARD Act of 2009 kicks into high gear.

If you’re under 35, chances are you’ve never heard the term “charge card” pass anyone’s lips, but they might be a better option for some consumers.

Credit card holders worked hard last year to chip away at debt, but unemployment over the holidays may have taken its toll.

Sick of fine print and hidden rate hikes? A reform-friendly credit card is already available, and here's how to get your hands on one.

The Fed issued sweeping new rules to better protect Americans from sudden hikes in interest rates on credit cards.

The CARD Act promises tougher oversight of credit card companies, but did it actually hurt the economy this holiday season?

Be warned: credit card and debit card holders may have reclaimed more rights, but banks are working to get lost profits back.

Americans find it difficult to keep track of their spending, according to a survey by Visa.

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