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APR and APY can be easily confused, but here's a simple breakdown of which is best when it comes to CDs and credit cards.

Few financial advisers would urge you to get another credit card if you already have a balance on another, but no rule is absolute.

With the new CARD Act reform fresh in the rearview mirror, credit companies are trying some new tactics to separate you from your money.

Reforms were intended to stop billing practices that gouge credit consumers. Yet one tactic ensures borrowers rack up interest charges.

Learning about credit these days could be completely different than in previous decades.  Here’s what you need to know to teach your teen today.

What can cities do to close budget gaps in a way that is both consumer- and environmentally-friendly? Parking meters that take credit cards.

Will people hit hard by the recession come out thriftier or will they go back to their free-spending ways? Recent evidence is intriguing, but mixed.

Consumers struggling to pay their bills in the first few months of the year got an immediate benefit from credit card reforms.

A new proposal suggests strict limits on fees that credit cards charge businesses, a move which could mean relief for consumers and small business.

Consumers likely don’t think twice about swiping their credit cards through a retail outlet scanner, but they should.

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