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The CARD Act has changed the way some "free" credit reporting agencies operate. Here are the details.

It's difficult to banish old collection information from a credit report — even when the statute of limitations kicks in. Can you clear your good name?

The American Express Centurion Card has become a status symbol for high-end cardholders. But how do you get your mitts on one?

Employees lucky enough to earn company credit cards know the importance of using them carefully. Here are some tips for you lucky few.

Here’s what went wrong in Blippy's credit card faux pas, and what consumers can take away from the experience.

Are customized credit cards just a ruse to make you think you set the terms? Maybe, but there are two sides to the customized coin.

Bundle.com is out with a comprehensive look at which cities and states accumulate the most debt, and the results might surprise you.

Major credit card lenders reported that more Americans are paying their loans on time, a sign that the economic recovery is taking hold.

The credit card company may be tracking your habits in order to sell you even more stuff to put on its cards.

Americans are cutting their credit card debt and using their cards less, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve.

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