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What can cities do to close budget gaps in a way that is both consumer- and environmentally-friendly? Parking meters that take credit cards.

Will people hit hard by the recession come out thriftier or will they go back to their free-spending ways? Recent evidence is intriguing, but mixed.

Consumers struggling to pay their bills in the first few months of the year got an immediate benefit from credit card reforms.

A new proposal suggests strict limits on fees that credit cards charge businesses, a move which could mean relief for consumers and small business.

Consumers likely don’t think twice about swiping their credit cards through a retail outlet scanner, but they should.

Citigroup, Bank of America and other banks are getting fewer 'minimum payments.'

MainStreet has tips to help you get rid of debt so you can enjoy those happy golden years.

More people will likely be getting calls from debt collectors in the coming months. Here’s how to deal if you’ve made it onto a collection agency’s short list.

The CARD Act has changed the way some "free" credit reporting agencies operate. Here are the details.

It's difficult to banish old collection information from a credit report — even when the statute of limitations kicks in. Can you clear your good name?

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