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European and U.S. stock markets have encountered turbulence recently as investors worry about the debt crisis enveloping Greece.

Now credit card companies are getting into the forbearance act. Here’s the deal — and how consumers can get in on it too.

Beer of the month clubs, online subscriptions and trial memberships have one thing in common - they all rely on recurring credit card charges.

Credit card issuers are trying to find ways to boost their incomes, and cardholders will likely pay the price.

Here’s the story of one fed-up consumer who learned how to hit collection agencies where they hurt most — in the pocketbook.

Feb. 22 — the day that major credit card reforms go into effect — is right around the corner. What will happen on the big day?

American consumers are a long way from cleaning up their credit problems since the U.S. now tops a list of nations with the most credit card debt.

No doubt about it, some debts are worse than others. And in the post-recession era, there are several debts you should especially avoid.

Americans are prioritizing their debt in an interesting hierarchy. But is it helping or hurting them?

Ever open your credit card statement to find your payment date has been changed? It's a trick card companies are using to squeeze fees out of you.

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