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New credit card rules have finally taken effect, so it’s time to relax, right? Actually, it may be time to brace for the worst.

The shock factor of new credit reform may be lost on the growing number of cardholders who bank online and no longer check paper statements.

The CARD Act is bad news for many college students, it turns out.

People hate collections agents, but trying to pry money out of late-paying consumers is no picnic either.

Questions about credit cards, mortgages, auto loans and insurance? Brian O'Connell answers them in an ongoing series.

What’s the best way to prep a teen for a credit card? For parents, there are two strategies: keeping control and instilling good habits.

European and U.S. stock markets have encountered turbulence recently as investors worry about the debt crisis enveloping Greece.

Now credit card companies are getting into the forbearance act. Here’s the deal — and how consumers can get in on it too.

Beer of the month clubs, online subscriptions and trial memberships have one thing in common - they all rely on recurring credit card charges.

Credit card issuers are trying to find ways to boost their incomes, and cardholders will likely pay the price.

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