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Credit card companies are reaching deep into their bag of tricks to raise card rates, hike fees and get as much cash out of you as they can.

Exchange-traded funds investing in bonds are investors’ latest darlings, but are investors taking on more risk than they think?

The need for legal help has soared over the past year, and many are representing themselves in court with the help of free legal clinics.

A new credit card offer might seem appealing, but before you sign up for new plastic, prepare yourself by using these key strategies first.

The Fed is expected to keep its target rate near zero, but the market will be looking for hints as to when and how the central bank will unwind stimulus pr

Great, now we’re broke and there are known criminals on the loose.

U.S. households balk at high banking fees, preferring to use check-cashing shops, money orders and Wal-Mart.

CD investors have to wait until consumers grow more confident about the economy before they’ll see CD rates rise significantly.

The House recently passed the most ambitious restructuring of federal financial regulations since the New Deal, but how will it affect you?

Boring issues like taxes aren’t the first thing you think about in December, but a few maneuvers now can make for a happy, stress-free April.

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