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Prepaid cards are becoming a more popular form of plastic, but fine print and hidden fees could cost you.

Inflation is a huge fear among investors, so the notion of a special CD that hedges against inflation is a no-brainer, right? Maybe, and maybe not.

The housing market is perking up and stocks have been on a tear since March. So is it time to jump back in and reinvest?

The health care debate is raging and you know what that means: celebrity pontificators.

When two sisters inherited money from an aunt's estate, they trusted their aunt's broker and almost lost their windfall.

What do credit agencies look for in calculating your credit score? The more you know, the better off you'll be.

The stock market seems to have turned a corner, giving 401(k) investors a chance to make up some ground, but they'll need to make some choices.

American Express and Discover are making changes to their fee structure.

With credit tight, lending clubs are becoming increasingly prominent. Here’s the skinny on these lenders, along with a blueprint on how to get a loan from them.

Now is the time to get savvy about your finances and credit standing – being clueless about any aspect of your credit health can really cost you.

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