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A  recent study warns that at least 10 states are barreling toward disaster, raising the likelihood of higher taxes, government layoffs and service cuts.

Check out the five dumbest moves that were made on Wall Street this week. They're pretty ridiculous, trust us.

Banks will now have to get consent before charging overdraft fees on ATM and debit card transactions, according to the Federal Reserve.

You say you’re unhappy with your 529 college savings plan? You’re not alone.

A new British study on male underwear purchasing habits might shock you.

Whether it’s overdraft charges from the local bank or load fees from mutual funds, what you pay in fees can drain your savings.

The head of the FDIC said she's "very worried" that big banks aren't lending enough and warned that the economy could take another bad turn.

Help the federal government get out of a $12 trillion hole… donate today! It’s even tax-deductible.

For better or worse, your personal and professional lives may become more fully integrated online.

Remember that deadly stampede at Wal-Mart last Black Friday? This year the retailer is making some changes to avoid another catastrophe.

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