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FAFSA Snafu: Student Aid Applicants Could Get Jobbed By Coding Glitch

3:22 pm, July 25, 2014

Coding glitches at the Department of Education (ED) may have put thousands of student aid applicants—and their federal funds—at risk.


Obamacare Scare: Court's Rule May Lead to Higher Price in States with Federal Insurance Exchange

2:53 pm, July 23, 2014

The conflicting rulings from two federal appeals courts yesterday left open the question of whether health insurance premiums will continue to be subsidized and if ...


Rubio Student Loan Bill: A Re-fi Re-think?

1:10 pm, July 23, 2014

With the Democrats' student loan re-finance bill dead in the Senate, Republican Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) have offered an alternative.


Corinthian Colleges Reported to Be Actively Recruiting on Military Bases

9:53 am, July 22, 2014

The process of unwinding Corinthian Colleges, the for-profit chain that lost its federal funding, should be well underway, as 12 of its campuses will be shut down ...


Community Colleges Steer Students Toward Risky Loans

3:21 pm, July 21, 2014

In the age of Obama, black, Latino and Native American college students are more likely to attend schools that do not participate in federal student loan programs ...


How to Make Community Colleges Even More Affordable

10:25 am, July 18, 2014

A lack of federal student loans impacts nearly one million students.


More Private Lenders Will Dump Student Loan Portfolios: Fitch Ratings

1:42 pm, July 17, 2014

Banks and other investors with private student loans can be expected to sell off these assets as their value declines and more attractive alternatives surface.


Student Loan Relief -- Is Obama's Plan Enough?

8:57 am, July 15, 2014

While President Obama's student loan relief plan expects to help more than 5 million struggling Americans with their student loan debt, it may not go as far as it ...


Illinois Sues Student Loan Debt Settlement Firms for Illegal Practices

2:43 pm, July 14, 2014

Elected officials from Illinois have been at the forefront of seeking redress for its citizens with student loans they can't pay off.


The Corinthian Mess: Shutting Down a Bad Actor or Reinventing the Wheel?

1:58 pm, July 14, 2014

If Corinthian finds a buyer, will new ownership increase the likelihood that this dubious enterprise will continue on in another guise?

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