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Sallie Mae Re-Branding: This Rose By Any Other Name Still Has Thorns

11:38 am, August 26, 2014

The spin-off of Sallie Mae's student loan servicing arm from its consumer banking business seemed designed to suggest that nothing drastic was happening. Just as ...


Is Law School a Scam?

9:47 am, August 26, 2014

Loud voices are getting raised that law school - once the fast track to a guaranteed upper middleclass lifestyle - today has become a con that parts the guileless ...


You Can Afford That Good College: Just Give Your Kid 36% of the Bill

11:00 am, August 25, 2014

Parents are fighting the cost of college doubling every nine years by getting kids involved, starting 529 funds and a few other techniques.


White House Student Loan Email Blast? Check Your Spam Folder

9:15 am, August 22, 2014

The White House is in the process of sending out email blasts to people with student loans to serve as reminders to pay.


Families Cover Over 40% Of College Costs

5:36 pm, August 19, 2014

Parents are helping their kids pay for college and are relying less on loans, according to a new study.


Department of Education Data Dump Long on Digits, Short on Transparency

2:15 pm, August 15, 2014

Student loan delinquencies were the flashing neon sign among the data released last week by the Department of Education.


Student Loans Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

8:25 am, August 14, 2014

Not feeling well? Could it be your student loan?


Obama to Lighten Up On PLUS Loan Credit Requirements

4:05 pm, August 12, 2014

Federal student PLUS loans have become the target for criticism from both consumer advocates and their conservative critics. The quick study would be this: they're ...


Behind the $1.2 Trillion Student Debt Crisis Is A Scam Manipulated by Education Predators

2:01 pm, August 08, 2014

Recently, though, there's been an increased federal crack down on the predatory lending practices that have plagued for-profit college alumni.

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