Why America's Favorite Movies Don't Win Best Picture Oscars

1:27 pm, February 23, 2012

Harry Potter's nine-figure box office numbers won't help him against 'The Help.'


Comcast Launches Own 'Netflix-Killer'

11:00 am, February 22, 2012

Comcast has announced it will be launching its own subscription video-on-demand service to compete with Netflix.


How Movie Night Has Changed In 2012

10:00 am, February 20, 2012

As the Oscars approach, fewer Americans see theaters as a necessary part of the movie experience.


Could Redbox Raise Prices Again?

4:09 pm, February 01, 2012

Redbox has decided to abandon Warner Brothers rather than accept a 56-day delay on new releases. Will users wind up with another price increase?


Entertainment Copycats Can Be Overachievers

3:00 pm, January 02, 2012

TV shows, books and movies can sometimes score big by riding coattails.


The Most Pirated Movies of 2011

3:00 pm, December 29, 2011

In a year marked by intensifying debate over online piracy, here are the blockbusters that got torrented the most.


10 Great Christmas Movies Barely About Christmas

2:00 pm, December 23, 2011

Christmas movies don't always have to be dusty, sentimental classics. Ask John McClane.


8 Fictional Products We Wish We Could Buy

7:00 am, December 11, 2011

All the money in the world can’t buy you a hoverboard, and that upsets us. Here are eight made-up products from movies and TV shows that we want to see on store ...


Netflix Sharing on Facebook May Be Coming to U.S.

10:12 am, December 08, 2011

It may not be much longer before there's an easier way for Netflix's U.S. subscribers to share their tastes in movies on Facebook.


Home Video Spending Up for 1st Time Since 2008

11:00 am, November 01, 2011

For the three months through September, American's home movie spending rose nearly 5% from a year earlier to $3.9 billion, the first increase since early 2008, ...

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