Colored Diamonds Go Mainstream

3:16 pm, July 10, 2014

Once a gem reserved for the rich and famous, colored diamonds are increasingly falling into the hands of mainstream consumers.


Same-Sex Marriage Finds More Inequality in Divorce: Pain in Progress

1:10 pm, July 08, 2014

Though same-sex marriage is legal in 19 states and Washington, D.C., the division of assets in divorce still presents specific financial challenges to gay couples.


Before the Cake and Wedding Dress: Couples Should Discuss Finances Before Saying "I Do"

3:20 pm, June 03, 2014

Not talking money prior to saying "I do," is the biggest mistake a couple can make.


How to Spot a Gold Digger

6:25 am, May 27, 2014

With more women bringing home the bacon, men are increasingly looking for financial security from their romantic relationships.


3 Arguments You Shouldn't Have With Your Spouse After the holidays

7:45 am, January 06, 2014

No one plans to have an argument with a loved one, but you can take steps tp keep common ones from ruining memories of holiday cheer.


Are You In a Relationship With a Financial Bully?

8:00 am, December 02, 2013

Ten percent of Americans tag their spouse or partner as a 'financial bully,' sometimes worthy of divorce.


Pre-Nup Mistakes: What to Avoid

5:09 am, October 29, 2013

Here's what to avoid when tying the knot.


Warring Couples Don't Want Apologies. They Want Power

9:00 am, July 23, 2013

A Baylor University study says your angry partner wants you to  "relinquish power." Here's why that's not so bad.

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