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Health Care Costs Will Continue to Rise: Study

10:56 am, July 03, 2012

Health care costs are expected to rise by double digits across the globe.


Check Your Policy: Homeowners Insurance a Mixed Bag

12:30 pm, December 06, 2011

The fine print on homeowners insurance can mean the difference between almost no coverage and comprehensive protection, so hire a trained professional to take a ...


Feds to Design Health Insurance for the Masses

1:03 pm, October 07, 2011

The federal government is taking on a crucial new role in the nation's health care, designing a basic benefits package for millions of privately insured Americans.


5 Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

4:44 pm, April 27, 2011

Insurance companies make a ton of money off of your insurance mistakes. Here’s how to ensure you'll get the cheapest rates that you can.


MetLife Expands Bundle Discounts

1:30 pm, March 31, 2011

A great way to save big on multiple insurance products, bundling your accounts just got easier.


Your Medicare Taxes Won't Cover What You'll Cost

3:30 pm, December 31, 2010

A newly updated financial analysis shows that what people paid into the system doesn't come close to covering the full value of the medical care they can expect ...


Insurer Rate Hikes to Face Gov’t Scrutiny

2:00 pm, December 22, 2010

The Department of Health and Human Services said Tuesday it will require rate increases of 10% or more to be publicly disclosed and reviewed to determine whether ...


If You’re Young, Do You Need Life Insurance?

3:00 pm, October 08, 2010

It’s more for your family than for you, and in some cases it’s essential.


Hunting for Health Insurance? Do Your Research

12:00 pm, October 06, 2010

As Americans wait for new health care laws to take effect, here are five tips to help you get the best plan today.


Teens & Car Insurance: How to Cut Costs

9:19 am, October 04, 2010

When your teen gets behind the wheel, make sure your family’s premium doesn’t rev up, too.

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