Movies Cost More This Summer, and It's Not Helping

9:00 am, July 01, 2014

The average price of movies is still around $8, though summer blockbuster box office returns are down sharply. Don't expect a discount anytime soon.


Throw Your Perfect Party Without Making Guests Do All the Work

6:45 am, July 19, 2013

It's tempting to ask guests to bring everything you need for the perfect party, but experts say not to abuse the privilege.


More Young Have Never Had Cable TV -- and Probably Never Will

9:00 am, June 25, 2013

Sports programming remains the key to keeping 31% of the U.S. population paying a monthly cable bill of $100 or more.


How the 1920s Took Over Our Decade

9:00 am, February 23, 2013

Fashion classically runs in 20-year cycles, but "Downton Abbey" and "Boardwalk Empire" are helping give our era a Jazz Age vibe.


5 Great Smaller Towns for Lovers of Live Music

10:00 am, March 05, 2012

Sure, there's New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Nashville... but there's plenty more out there too.


Is Netflix Doomed?

1:01 pm, February 09, 2012

Amazon announces a new content deal with Viacom in the latest threat to Netflix.


Super Bowl Commercials: The Winners & Losers

12:15 pm, February 06, 2012

Here are the commercials that Super Bowl viewers can’t stop talking about, and a few that they never started talking about.


The Best Websites to Find Free Music in 2012

4:20 pm, January 10, 2012

Spotify and Grooveshark may be cutting back their free music offerings, but there are still plenty of other websites to stream and sometimes download music for no ...


10 Cities Poised for Greatness in 2012

11:00 am, January 10, 2012

Cities with conventions, championships or even a sound economic outlook in 2012 have reason to cheer.


Netflix Users Streamed 2 Billion Hours of Video in 4th Quarter

12:10 pm, January 04, 2012

Price hike or not, consumers can’t seem to pull themselves away from watching videos on Netflix.

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