Will Cosigning On An Apartment Lease Hurt Your Credit?

8:19 am, July 09, 2014

Financial experts have longed warned against cosigning on auto loans, credit cards and student loans, given the plethora of financial risks. But things are different ...


3 Financial Fibs You Tell Yourself

4:37 pm, May 06, 2014

Here are three financial fibs that can lead to poor decisions.


Does Your Credit Need to Go on a Diet?

5:08 pm, January 08, 2014

If your credit is heavy with debt, it can have a bad effect on your credit score.Here is a plan for your credit card repayment to trim down on debt.


Are Airline Credit Cards Right for You?

8:04 am, January 07, 2014

Integrate building a good credit history with the daydream of being whisked off to the Maldives, and you have something else entirely: namely, incentive to purchase.


5 Podcasts That Will Help You Build Great Credit

4:40 pm, July 10, 2013

Looking to build great credit? Trying to learn how to get the highest credit score? Listen to interviews with four nationally recognized credit experts.


How Not Driving Can Hurt Millennials' Credit Scores

4:49 pm, June 25, 2013

18- to 24-year-olds are less likely to have ever applied for auto loans, which could be having a negative effect on their credit scores.


A $612 Million Strike Back in Rate-Rigging Scandal on Mortgages, Student Loans, Credit Cards

8:30 am, February 11, 2013

Royal Bank of Scotland is the third major bank after Barclays and UBS facing fines and worldwide shame.


The Next Credit Problem: Underwater Car Loans

6:09 pm, January 02, 2013

A lot of attention is paid to the epidemic of underwater mortgages, but there's a problem growing alongside that.


CPFB Plans to Give Credit Where It's Due: With the Stay-at-Homes

1:58 pm, November 01, 2012

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plans "common-sense changes" to get credit access for spouses or partners who do not work outside the home.


Don't Be an Interest Rate Sucker

1:40 pm, July 24, 2012

With interest rates at historic lows it's a good time to get a loan, but many consumers are still paying interest rates that wouldn't be considered good even in a ...

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