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How school budget cuts and shortened school weeks are increasingly taking a toll on parents' wallets.

Americans love their pets, but apparently we don’t respect them as much as Switzerland.

Cell phone use among children has nearly doubled since 2005, but who are they calling?

Dozens of popular packaged foods are being recalled due to possible salmonella contamination. Here’s what you need to know.

Unlike other forms of identity theft, this one can be life-threatening.

If consumers need another reason to choose fresh foods over the processed, packaged stuff, here are 56.

Good news for nerds everywhere: your chances of getting a black eye or having your lunch money stolen are now lower.

President Obama called for one final attempt by Democrats to enact bitterly contested health care legislation, calling for a vote within weeks.

Skyrocketing premiums have stunned those who buy their own health insurance. Here are steps you can take to shrink your payments.

Little indulgences might not be as bad for you as they may seem.

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