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Luxury car trade-ins suffer the biggest decline in value.

But gasoline prices have recovered from the frigid weather brought on by the polar vortex, mitigated by a decrease in demand, coupled with temporary refinery outages.

This first-of-its-kind building has see-through 'sky garages' by living units and car concierges to help with maintenance.

Welcome to the future of the lemon market.

Since you can't expect a break in the bad weather, you'd better take care while driving.

Increasing use of E15 blended gas could result in 'significant problems' for motorists.

$80 million to be returned to consumers who paid excessive auto loan rates.

Of course, easy on the speed: each 5 MPH driven over 60 is like paying 25 cents more per gallon.

Can you avoid the extra burden on your wallet?

Sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks depreciate more slowly than passenger cars, and these may keep their value best of all.

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