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Your vehicle costs more to operate today than it did last year. Is it time for a change of lifestyle?

Save a bundle of cash when buying a used car by using one important piece of information.

The English luxury auto manufacturer has a furniture line, and the Bentley logo can be embossed on the pieces if you like.

The average vehicle will lose 60% of its value to depreciation over the next five years, but you can beat that average.

A better economy means more sales of new cars, and rising prices. It's finally time to buy used again.

America's richest consumers like Jeeps, Mercedes-Benzes and Teslas more than Rolls-Royces or Lamborghinis.

Take an inside look at why you'll be rejoicing at the pump. But for how long?

The age of cars on American roads is up, and that has some implications for anyone in the market for a vehicle.

There's lots of gear-grinding going on.

Most consumers are not aware of this way to cut costs on the road.

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