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Taking advantage of a loophole legalizing fantasy sports betting, a Philadelphia newspaper hopes for a jackpot.

Career placement for athletes has become a cottage industry, with Division I schools hiring companies to connect athletes with job leads.

Professional baseball teams will hold "mullet nights" and Christmas-themed events to attract fans.

One firm suggests that lowered productivity due to the March Madness NCAA men’s basketball games could cost companies billions of dollars.

Even if you’re not a college basketball fan, you’ve heard that March Madness begins this week, sparking office pools and tournaments everywhere.

The boxes of baseball cards you so carefully collected are invaluable for the memories they evoke. But do they have any real value?

It’s still a couple hours away, but the much anticipated Tiger Woods apology already has some upset. Here’s why.

Consumer Reports investigates which TVs are best for the big game.

Enjoy watching the Super Bowl for free, because it's about to become a costly bargaining chip in the war over cable fees.

If you're budget is tighter but you still need your golf fix, the game feels your pain, and plenty of courses offer recession-friendly prices.

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