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ESPN announcer Brent Musburger ignited a mini-firestorm with a quip that it turns out he had used eight years ago.

Sponsorships, TV rights, coach bonuses, alumni money and stadiums seeking events keep the bowl system intact.

Fox and the NFL are just two recent examples of companies trying to mold 21st Century viewing through 20th Century tactics. Don't let them.

Yes, they still make Rollerblades, but some have shipped with loose bolts.

It will cost Cablevision and its customers more than they want, but less than Fox was asking.

Looking for a job? Here's a cool opportunity that just might be a great new start for the right person.

There's a lot of standing around in both football and baseball, but now we know just how much playing is actually going down.

The average ticket to an NFL game rose 4.5% to $76.47 this year, thanks to the New York Jets and Giants.

With funding decreased and activity fees on the rise, here's how parents can save on the cost of their child's sports.

PepsiCo is offering up to $5 million to social media savvy fans who produce the best Super Bowl ads.

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