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Does a man’s beloved hideaway hinder a home’s value? No. In fact, it can improve it, says an economist.

There are gadgets and amenities available for single men of any income outfitting a home.

A look at the pros and cons of pursuing your fantasy football dreams at work shows that the costs and benefits equal out, but only when done in moderation.

From staking out a parking spot to choosing coolers and grills, here’s what to keep in mind as you plan your tailgates this season.

NFL teams in Oakland, Tampa, Cincinnati and elsewhere will have a hard time filling seats this season.

Baseball's All-Star Game in Phoenix is a draw all its own, but other attractions are worth the travel.

Golf course homes are prized real estate, but there are plenty of ways it can get ugly.

Major League Soccer's nine top-drawing teams have better average attendance than Major League Baseball's bottom feeders.

Packed with sugar and heaps of caffeine, some sports drinks are best left untouched.

Snap Fitness launches its first 'Partner with Peter' contest, in which one entrepreneur will win rights to own a franchised club.

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