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Student attendance has dropped more than 7% since 2009.

The NFL is having a tough time selling its live games, but the league and its partners are rolling out mobile apps that help pry fans away from the TV.

Golf looks to lure young players with new club technology and a round that costs less and is played in half the time.

When the NBA, Major League Soccer and the English Premier League already call your city home, why spend hundreds of millions on the National Football League?

The NFL wants as many viewers to watch football as possible, which makes it really easy to see games without subscribing to cable or satellite services.

The NFL, its team owners and commissioner are pressuring taxpayers to shell out for upgraded facilities. Not every city is buying.

Major League Soccer has U.S. World Cup talent, German World Cup champions, Bayern Munich and a rowdy Portland crowd in its favor. Its TV audience is too small to notice.

With the NFL's deal with DirecTV for NFL Sunday Ticket almost up, it's time for the league to get more money and exposure and give fans more viewing options.

NFL football returns with the Hall of Fame Game. So do high ticket prices, home game blackouts, threats to move teams and bad satellite and streaming deals.

That hobby horse may be more of a money pit. Here's what to watch out for.

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