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NFL football returns with the Hall of Fame Game. So do high ticket prices, home game blackouts, threats to move teams and bad satellite and streaming deals.

That hobby horse may be more of a money pit. Here's what to watch out for.

The NFL preseason kicks off with Sunday's Hall of Fame game, but even those early matchups get bigger ratings than anything else networks can offer.

The world's team have left Brazil, but there's another World Cup coming a year from now — as well as an event that's arguably the biggest in all of soccer.

With declining viewership and interest, the All-Star Game has fallen on hard times, despite its value to Fox and Major League Baseball's sponsors.

Soccer has demographics and a growing U.S. World Cup audience on its side, but even aging Major League Baseball is a revenue-gulping beast.

Getting 15.9 million viewers for a first-round match against Ghana shows more enthusiasm than the 'Who cares about soccer?' crowd will ever admit.

The Uruguayan soccer standout bit a third opponent, and this time some bettors saw it coming.

The facilities are there if the U.S. takes over Qatar's 2022 bid, but the economic impact may not be. The one in 1994 cost us $9 billion.

Of the 10 largest nations in the world, only four play in the World Cup this year.

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