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If you care about your team and want your neighbors to also, here are five cities that'll be pure frustration.

If you've got Olympic fever but no ticket to Sochi, all is not lost.

Local demand keeps prices from plunging as fast as last year's 49ers/Ravens game.

The teams with the most-loyal fans over the long haul don't necessarily have the best records today. See where you fit in.

Perennial concerns about lost productivity, and a simple desire to party harder, drives arguments for a Super Switch.

College football fans want a playoff, but automatic bids and big conferences may ruin their big dance.

A weekend at The Little Nell in Aspen is unlike any hotel experience in the U.S.

Nike’s newest addition to its slate of Nike+ products sold out in less than 10 minutes online in the NikeStore after going on sale Wednesday evening.

Here are some of the Super Bowl deals and promotions you can still get.

Two out of three Americans say they’re not interested in watching the Super Bowl. Here are some things they can do instead while everyone else is watching the game.

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