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If you adopt a dog from a shelter instead of buying one from a pet store, Pedigree will give you a month’s supply of dog food.

“Bella” and “Max” are among the most popular names for cats and dogs, according to rankings released by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.

Don’t forget the four-legged members of your family this Christmas!

A new study sheds light on why your animal of choice might speak volumes about your career path.

MainStreet looks at whether or not premium dog food is worth the expense.

As Americans continue to struggle financially, more pets are being given the boot.

Is insuring your pet’s health worth it? Owners face hefty bills, and it pays to get help.

Be especially wary when feeding your furry friend.

Certain varieties of Iams and Eukanuba pet food are being recalled due to possible salmonella contamination.

Even pet products can contain harmful substances that can damage the environment. Here are some more earth-friendly options for your dog, cat, bird or hamster.

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