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Taking a vacation without your pet? Here's where to leave them without guilt.

'Moving' is the most-cited reason people give for surrendering their animals to shelters, with 'landlord issues' close behind.

If man's treatment of animals is indicative of our species' morality, some animal shelters are setting a very bad example.

Studies have shown that many pet owners are choosing to forgo the veterinarian to save money, but you don’t have to be one of them. Here are some easy ways to save on vet costs.

MainStreet identifies eight dangers to your furry friends this holiday season, and offers tips on how to keep Fido and Fluffy out of your veterinarian’s emergency room.

Just because they don’t have enough income to buy YOU a gift doesn’t mean your pet (or your friends with pets) can’t get a taste of the holiday pie.

It isn't just crazy cat ladies and multimillionaire celebrities who leave an inheritance for their pets.

From candy overdoses to dangerous costumes, Halloween can be a spooky celebration for your pets.

The National Retail Federation releases its list of what Americans will be dressing their pets as for Halloween.

Luxury may have been the buzz word in the pet world a few years ago, but now the key is value.

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