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Tim Chan


Scammers are targeting desperate job-seekers. Here are some tips to keep your money, and identity, safe.

Need cash right now? Here are six ways to get it.

Typosquatters set up fake sites at URLs similar to those of popular sites. Some of these sites can infect computers with viruses.

Freegans find food, household goods and more by going through the trash.

You should never have to give money or bank account info to collect a scholarship.

Online schemers are selling information on how to use Google Ads—information available for free from Google.

A Florida company recently got busted for selling bogus free gas cards to retailers, who gave them away as incentives to customers.

Asking for a raise right now can be done. But tread carefully.

Some Amazon customers are enraged at finding a $79 charge on their statements. But is it a scam?

The Nature Conservancy buys up and preserves large tracts of real estate.

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