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A new survey says consumers are shelling out money to improve their homes.

As the cost of commodities are increasing, the chocolate giant raised its price by 8%.

Consumers flock to coupon codes to slash prices, but knowing what day of the week the best coupon codes are released can help you stretch your savings.

Despite the cloud of negative publicity surrounding General Motors' recall woes, sales showed strength during the second quarter

Road trips may not necessarily help you save your money.

Consumers are still hesitant to spend money, amid a tepid economic recovery.

A survey shows 36% of respondents said retiring "financially secure" at age 65 fits their definition of the American Dream, while 25% cited becoming debt-free as their characterization.

Expect to pay more to fly, as the Transportation Security Administration raises fees.

The bookseller plans to make its Nook business separate from its retail business.

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