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Consumers owed less on their credit cards in February, according to a report from the Federal Reserve, showing signs of a more risk averse consumer.

Orange juice prices reached a two-year high over fears of smaller harvests in Brazil and Florida, the two largest sources of oranges worldwide. Brace yourself for a more expensive breakfast.

Overdraft fees are a vital source of revenue for banks and consumers continue to fall prey to these financial traps.

As technology infiltrates equities markets, some investors are proving to be more adept than others at using this technology to their financial advantage.

GM remains in crisis mode as the number of recalls the company has issued continues to swell.

While mortgage guarantors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have turned profitable in recent months after its epic $187.5 billion taxpayer bailout in 2008, the future of these entities remains nebulous.

On the heels of a softening economy, China took action to loosen control of its yuan currency, giving markets a greater say in the currency's valuation.

After an unusually high melt-up in stock prices last year, investors are bracing for more volatility in 2014 and a potential markets correction.

Buying a home with a mortgage comes with plenty of strings attached, aside from just interest and principal.

Prices for coffee beans have been on the rise, which could cause prices to increase at a store near you.

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