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A new survey sheds light on how single consumers view homeownership.

Renting is becoming unaffordable in many metropolitan cities, a new report reveals.

Public sector employees face unease surrounding retirement, a new survey says.

The technology sector saw a significant increase in mergers and acquisitions, recovering from multiple speed bumps earlier in the spring.

Home price gains dropped again, signaling a return to normalcy in the real estate market.

As the summer winds down, millions of Americans will still try to fit in one last vacation over Labor Day weekend. Here's how to get the best price.

Consumers flock towards coupons to save money, but a new survey says coupons also bolster a retailer's brand's image.

Economists and housing experts are predicting a lackluster real estate market over the next several years, a new survey says.

Parents are helping their kids pay for college and are relying less on loans, according to a new study.

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