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A student gets an offer of help from his sister, but doesn't want to put her in a difficult tax situation.

A recent graduate's part-time job offer has him questioning whether it's worth it to take the job and become ineligible for loan deferment.

Our college expert answers a reader's question about the right - and wrong way - to defer student loans.

Student loans carry standard 10-year terms but most people refinance them and end up taking 16-18 years.

One parent asks if moving assets around can lead to a better deal on financial aid. The answer? Yes, but be careful.

Mark Kantrowitz, our education planning expert, tells a parent how to shop for a great private student loan.

Grandparents can provide a meaningful contribution to a child's education, but read the fine print.

A student wants to accelerate her degree program or pursue two at once, without compromising her financial aid.

One parent asks whether it's okay to use home equity to help pay for college. MainStreet's expert, Mark Kantrowitz, has the answer.

One parent with two kids wonders when and how much to start saving for college. MainStreet's expert, Mark Kantrowitz has the answer.

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