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They pay virtually nothing to borrow from savings and checking depositors, then lend at 4% or 5%.

Distressed" sales have dropped to the lowest level since December 2007.

Since condos are a kind of canary in the coal mine, that's good news for real estate in general.

Which wheels should you get to be a big man on campus, who keeps his budget in tact?

With market volatility, investors are think more strategically about the allocation of their assets.

Millennials have been starting families and buying homes later than their predecessors, thanks to the Great Recession and its ripple effects. Many experts have assumed this is temporary. But what if it isn't?

Not as much as you think, perhaps.

A study shows that many investors would like to dabble in the single-family home rental market -- but it's not easy to do, and the risks are scary.

Selling your house now, at a loss, is not necessarily the bad move it looks like at first glance.

We're not out of the woods yet. Here are some essential rules for your emergency fund and beyond.

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