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Jeff Brown


We're not out of the woods yet. Here are some essential rules for your emergency fund and beyond.

When to start Social Security is a common question among those nearing the magic age of 62, when that hard-earned benefit can begin to flow.

It seems like a no-brainer: When a problem gets overwhelming, hire a pro to sort it out. Like when your debts snowball out of control.

Disciplined investors know it's important to stick to the plan. If a stock surge leaves your portfolio with 65% stocks instead of the 60% you'd intended, well, it's time to sell some stocks and move the proceeds to bonds or cash. But is that best?

No one's satisfied with the pace of the housing recovery, but there's no doubt things are getting better. Still, a quick snap back to normal is unlikely.

At one time or another, nearly everyone has a sudden, unexpected need for cash. And the 401(k) may look like a lifesaver.

Cash sales in housing would seem to signify a healthy economy. After all, excessive borrowing can be a red flag, with defaults and other troubles to follow. But that's not always the case.

Confounding most predictions, mortgage rates have remained unusually low this year. But should you get an ARM?

For the young worker, the opportunity to open an IRA that could produce stupendous gains over such a long investing horizon. So why the resistance?

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