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Jason Notte


Times Square and Vegas are great and all, but more intrepid travelers should heed the call of Goa and Bulgaria.

Every year Charlie Brown's tree wilts and George Bailey gets a bailout ... and there's nothing you can do about it.

Amazon's free shipping is a great holiday deal if you can get it, but a cheap item can help close the gap for less than shipping cost.

Cyber Monday deals are easier to find when price comparisons and coupon sites point the way.

Fox and the NFL are just two recent examples of companies trying to mold 21st Century viewing through 20th Century tactics. Don't let them.

Despite a shift toward savings, some shoppers are still paying for presents from 2009.

Electric and hybrid cars will make up less than 8% of the market in a decade, thanks largely to their price.

Some travel for family, some out of guilt, but most just because they haven't in a while. And the airlines know.

The folks at Shop Smart share their favorite sites as online holiday shopping numbers surge.

Ford, GM and Chrysler fans go a long way for leases as vacant dealerships lead to vacations.

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