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To be the most design-savvy techie in the coffee shop, you'll need to pay more than $4,000 for Apple's iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

Private donations, not taxpayer bailouts, are saving bars across the nation along with smaller brewers like Pabst Blue Ribbon and Internet businesses including Wikipedia.

Enjoy watching the Super Bowl for free, because it's about to become a costly bargaining chip in the war over cable fees.

Fees are tough to avoid when you break car leases, phone contracts and gym memberships.

If you can wait to buy gifts until after Christmas, you'll save big-time on TVs, appliances and furniture.

Before you upgrade to a new smartphone, read our guide to the year's best models.

Looking for a life-sized stuffed pony or a Ms. Pac Man machine? Here's where to find them.

With less than three weeks until Black Friday, Wal-Mart, Target and Sears are pushing price cuts and early shopping deals.

Niche beer companies are bringing back iconic names as larger brewers see their sales slip.

Airlines are charging customers more fees to book by phone, pick seats and fly during the holidays.

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