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Brian O'Connell


National CD rates held steady last week, as bank rate watchers mull over some of the early March economic numbers.

Even as homeowners default on their mortgages and await eviction, many still remain in their homes. Why?

Americans are a taking a breather from applying for new mortgages, a behavior that economists hadn’t expected for March.

If you hate your credit card company, closing your account might not be the credit score killer that some experts have made it out to be.

A reader in the Sunshine State wants too know how to find a loan modification specialist that isn't a scammer. We have the answer.

Two major questions hang over health care reform - how much will it cost to do it and how costly will it be if we don't?

The recession might seem to be over for many, but homeowners shouldn't think they're out of the woods yet.

A new study details how, for the first time in a decade, bank branches are in steep decline. Is your local haunt in danger?

Paying your mortgage once-a-month versus twice-a-month is not a new concept, but it's one that homeowners should consistently examine.

We open this edition of Deals of the Week with news from the Federal Reserve that bank interest rates won’t be going up anytime soon.

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