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Are we headed back to the days of the sub-5% home mortgage? It sure looks that way.

How can small businesses get the cash to run their businesses, without having to rely on banks and venture capital firms?

Looking for a safe place to store some cash for a while? Here's a comparison of CDs and money market accounts that will help you choose.

Consumers likely don’t think twice about swiping their credit cards through a retail outlet scanner, but they should.

A new Coldwell Banker study turns the conventional notion that young singles prefer the city on its head.

Should small businesses be lining up behind the financial reform bill being discussed in Congress right now? We take a look.

A lack of consensus on the economy is bothering bank investors. But with patience, we can find some great deals.

Gift cardholders who want to sell their unused gift cards have very little recourse. But a new Facebook app lets you sell them on the open market.

For CD rates to rise, we need to see a sustained recovery. But rate watchers are caught in the middle of a war between competing outlooks.

Some disturbing news on the housing front leads our weekly Mortgage Rates Monday, with home prices dropping in the first quarter of the year.

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