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Employees lucky enough to earn company credit cards know the importance of using them carefully. Here are some tips for you lucky few.

It seems like every piece of good economic news is followed by a bad morsel. Which is why investors should intensify the hunt for bank deals.

Here’s what went wrong in Blippy's credit card faux pas, and what consumers can take away from the experience.

Banks are finally reacting to stagnant CD rates, perhaps realizing that the investors who have abandoned CDs may take a long time to come back.

What should you do if you find yourself in a situation like many European travelers encountered after the volcanic eruption in Iceland?

It's a mixed bag of mortgage rates this week, with some rising and some falling in the wake of positive economic news.

Are customized credit cards just a ruse to make you think you set the terms? Maybe, but there are two sides to the customized coin.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but the White House is giving the value-added tax some serious thought.

Is Florida’s housing picture finally showing some juice? It would appear so, as bulldozers are slowly re-emerging on home construction sites.

The tough economy has forced many Baby Boomers’ hands, giving new meaning to the term "multi-family unit."

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