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Brian O'Connell


A new study from the National Automated Clearing House Association claims that the more online banking you do, the happier you’re likely to be.

It's a classic questions: new car or used car? Here, Brian O'Connell dives into the decision facing many consumers.

Homeowners may not realize it, but there is a way to cut your mortgage payment and loan principal without having to go through loan modifications.

Many banks are embracing smart phone tools , but Chase is is offering a new text service that warns you when your account is almost overdrawn.

It’s a tough economy out there, and with two sides to every tipping experience, it’s high time we figure out the right tip — every time.

If you’re denied on a health insurance claim, you do have some recourse — and that recourse should get stronger in September.

The rates and fees that banks charge to handle your money are on the rise, but there are still some bank deals to be had.

Thanks to new laws, overdraft protection soon won’t be mandatory. But before you decide to opt in or not, consider the following factors.

The way things are going, you have to wonder how long bank investors will hold on — the CD market certainly isn’t rewarding their good patience.

Sallie Mae — the leading college loan lender in the U.S. — announced it will lower interest rates on its signature Smart Option Student Loan.

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