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Brian O'Connell


Sen. Harry Reid is a powerful man who often gets what he wants. And right now he wants a three-month extension on the homebuyer’s tax credit.

The best banking deals this week are a mix of good deals on free checking, a Lending Club bonus and airline miles for buying a new home.

One big private lender is cutting Gulf residents a break by slapping a moratorium on foreclosure activity. Here’s the lender — and here’s the deal.

There’s no relief in sight for beleaguered certificate of deposit investors, and no help from an economy that continues to pour cold water on CD rates.

Uncle Sam is taking a hard line on those companies that promise reductions in your credit card interest — if you cut them a big check first.

If you have the pipes that can stop traffic, a career in voiceovers may be in the chords for you. But first learn the inside tricks.

The hunt is on for new homebuyers to save on closing costs. They may have some luck with one site that is earning rave reviews.

The tea leaves are certainly beginning to indicate that lower rates are in for an extended stay.

Playing the “rent vs. own” game is a popular pastime as the U.S. continues to be gripped by tough economic conditions.

A recent Wall Street Journal article suggested free checking might be endangered. Were they right?

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